Drug Testing

Instant Testing


This is an all-inclusive cup and simple to administer. It has an air-tight screw lid, and there is no key or inverting necessary. Results available within 5 minutes. Tests for 10 drugs including K2 Synthetic Cannabinoid, as well as adulteration. Click here to order.


This K2 Spice urine dipstick is administered by removing the cap on the test card and dipping the test card into a specimen cup. Each kit includes a specimen cup, screw-on lid and temperature strip. Results are available within 10 minutes. Click here to order.

Laboratory Testing

Simply fill out a contact form to find a local lab near you. We have partnered with over 11,000 collection sites throughout the United States to offer you the lowest national pricing on SAMHSA certified lab testing. Call 832.321.3214 for more info.

Did you know?

- According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, as much as 38% to 50% of all workers comp claims are related to substance abuse.


- Approximately 80% of drug users steal from their workplaces to support their habits.


- Drug-using employees are four times more likely to be involved in workplace accidents and five times more likely to file a workers comp claim.